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Moving into a new Home, Apartment or Condo? Don't attempt to make it into the one you left behind. Add some fresh, new artwork to make it YOURS. See over a thousand pieces of art here at: Art You Will ♥ In Your Home or Office.

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Old rusty cars and tractors, dilapidated barns, covered bridges and fall foliage will NOT be found here. Updated Vintage, Modern and Streamlined art for the 2020's is what you will find. Stop by and hang out awhile--enjoy some virtual wine and cheese while you check out the artwork. To return to the HOME PAGE at any time, click on the Modern-Art Deco-Abstracts title or go to

About Chuck Staley

Chuck Staley Art Deco Designs is the brainchild of LA artist Chuck Staley. Chuck was born in Memphis, TN, studied broadcasting at Georgia Tech, art and design at the Memphis Academy of Art, and… after a successful career as a DGA Television Director in Hollywood... currently works in his Southern California studio, shaping and refining each of his meticulously handcrafted Art Deco and Modern Designs.

Chuck says, "Art Deco was in vogue during the Roaring 1920s, now I want to revive the art form and add new designs just in time for the Soaring 2020s, so if you love Gatsby, Flappers, Art Deco, and All That Jazz, you’ll want to come aboard and see what's next. We have fun!”

Want a good suspense book to read? We have that, too! Chuck has written a novel after his years with CBS News and you may find the paperback on Amazon:"Murder on the Six O'Clock News"

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