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About Artist Chuck Staley

August 19th, 2017

About Artist Chuck Staley

Chuck Staley has always been an artist of one type or another. When he wasn't directing or acting in movies or writing screenplays, he was behind the TV camera directing countless hours of live television shows and music videos in Hollywood.

And then there were the six years at Television City, directing for Sixty Minutes and the CBS Evening News while writing a novel, "Murder on the Six O'Clock News," available on Amazon. And when Staley isn't directing or working on his new movie, "Southern Planter," he's in his Los Angeles studio creating the thoughtful and painterly art for which he is becoming known universally.

Says Staley: "With my artwork it's all about vivid colors. I love color -- lots of it! And somewhere along the way I quit caring about whether my art accurately depicts a person or object; my purpose is to reach the emotions of the viewer."

See Chuck's Portfolio with over 600 works at

Best Local Los Angeles Artists

September 18th, 2015

Best Local Los Angeles Artists

Los Angeles is certainly an art hub. There are multiple galleries, art shows, festivals and plenty of other opportunities to peruse the work of some of the more unknown artists. The genres seem endless – pencil, oil, watercolor, sculptures, photography, mixed media. One could hardly get to see it all. But within that which is available, there are always a few artists that catch your eye. Following are five local artists whose work may just call to your senses.

Chuck Staley creates acrylic and ink-on-canvas paintings, hand-embellished on-canvas photographs and digital art. His work is full of vibrant colors depicting various sights in Los Angeles – from women shopping in Rodeo Drive to limousines driving by elegant buildings. He is also involved with the arts as a TV director and a screenwriter, but his efforts in the visual arts are making him more known throughout the world. See more of his work at

How I Met Elvis

July 9th, 2015

How I Met Elvis

A British Magazine called me one day and interviewed me about how I became friends with Elvis Presley. This is that published interview.

To be able to read the 3-page interview, copy and paste one link at a time:

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Page two:

and Page three:

The Impressionistic Photography Of Chuck Staley.

December 30th, 2013

The Impressionistic Photography Of Chuck Staley.

This was a story written when I first started selling my work...

Digital medium has made us a little obsessed with visual clarity. Yet as we compare our megapixels, artist Chuck Staley has discovered that true clarity comes from our emotions. Using pixels rather than paints, Chuck converts his original photographs into impressionistic paintings. Drenched in color, we don’t exactly know what the original images look like, but we certainly know what they feel like. In this latest installment of Curbly’s Artist Profile, Mr. Staley opens up about himself and his art.

You may read it by clicking on the button below.

Comments From Past And Future Customers

September 25th, 2013

Comments From Past And Future Customers

...the colors are amazing and it is definitely better than the computer can show. I will take a photo of Mother Nature and send it to you as soon as I get it hung.

Love your work and I appreciate your talent! I am such a fan!

Hello. It was nice speaking with you on the phone and I appreciate your working with me on the price.

The colors are so bold and vivid! I especially like the large works that are done on canvas! Very unique and beautiful art!

I’m a big fan of the West Coast so I love finding artists that can capture its beauty.

J'aime beaucoup cette photo... J'adore les vieux trains!
Et dans l'atmosphère, je lui trouve un côté nocturne à la Van Gogh...

I like your use of color, Chuck, it's cool!

When are you going to do some irises? I love your work!

Chuck Staley: Mellow and loving with a gift of being creative.

Chuck, your work is astoundingly beautiful, haunting.