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Moving into a new Home, Apartment or Condo? Don't attempt to make it into the one you left behind. Add some fresh, new artwork to make it YOURS. See over a thousand pieces of art here at: Art You Will ♥ In Your Home or Office.


Old rusty cars and tractors, dilapidated barns, covered bridges and fall foliage will NOT be found here. Art Deco Designs, updated vintage, Modern and Futuristic art for the 2020's is what you will find. Stop by and hang out awhile--enjoy some virtual wine and cheese while you check out the artwork. From the Roaring 20s to the Soaring 20s, we have art for you!

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If you have any questions about your order, you may call customer service any time at 877-807-5901. You may text or call our studio in LA at 310.254.6651. Cheers!

About Chuck Staley

Chuck Staley I've been in the arts and entertainment business as a professional most of my 89 years of life. Whether it's creating art, writing novels and screenplays or directing television shows and movies, my jobs have always been on the creative side. Now I'm reviving vintage Art Deco from my childhood as well as creating Moderne and Futuristic Abstracts. I hope you will come hang out with us, for we have fun!

My portfolio is here at, with over a thousand images from which to choose.

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If you have any delivery questions about your order, you may call customer service any time at 877-807-5901. Our studio number is 310-254-6651. We do custom work, so don't hesitate to call... We would love to hear from you. Cheers!